Many thanks for the great attendance at our meeting on Jan 31st, 2017! Lots of members requested more information on the technology available so we’ve set up this page, we hope you find it helpful. Many thanks to David and Dawn Richardson for running the evening and for the content of this page.

What technology options are out there?

  • Till fairly recently, the only options were offerings from major manufacturers like Medtronic, Roche etc.
  • However, the same technical skills people in these companies have to research and build their products are possessed by others affected by Diabetes as carers and sufferers. More recently, a number of such clever people have worked together to build frameworks offering capabilities that manufacturers either don’t offer or are only just catching up with.

Are these “DIY” offerings safe?

  • Manufacturers charge a lot for their products partly because of the research but also because of the regulatory approval needed to qualify as official medical equipment.
  • DIY solutions are not approved and so can’t offer the same guarantee. However the risk is manageable since these offerings are not as critical as a BG meter or a pump.

What kind of things are possible with “DIY” offerings?

  • CGM in the “cloud”.
    • This unlocks the CGM data that’s otherwise held only in a device (like Dexcom receiver or Animas pump) and makes it available across the internet to any device for visibility, alerting and input to other systems in real time (eg artificial pancreas) or longer term analysis
  • Artificial Pancreas
    • DIY offerings of open or closed loop systems are now available.
    • A closed loop is where software monitors the BG levels and instructs temporary basal rate changes in the pump
    • An open loop is where software monitors the BG levels, but instead advises the user of changes to make in basal
  • Analytical Tools to help ensure correct basal rates, carb ratios, sensitivity factors
    • One DIY offering will produce an analysis of treatment and CGM data in Excel format that identifies problem trends.
    • Another DIY offering will analyse in a more mathematical way and suggest actual changes to pump settings to improve control

Where can I get more information on this technology?

  • Here are a few recommendations:
Technology Name Links
CGM in the Cloud Nightscout

Artificial Pancreas Open APS
Analytical Tools Nightscout Loader


Then if time permits and interest starts to soar ……

Technology Name Links
Diabetes Smart Home Research projects by one DASH member
CGM on demand Amazon Alexa

One of the DASH Dads has offer his services to DASH! He’s a TV repair man and good with soldering. One of the components to set Nightscout up with Dexcom involves soldering a couple components together to avoid legal issues for supplying medical equipment – and he’s offered to do this for anyone that wants to pursue this. Many thanks to Graham for this.